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Why mini quilts?


Definition of Miniature Quilts

A miniature quilt is usually considered a scaled down version of a larger quilt.  The elements of a miniature quilt (blocks, borders, sashing, etc.) should be reduced in size to a proportion that matches the size of the quilt. When making a quilt for a doll house the scale is 1:12-meaning twelve inches are reduced to one inch. When making a quilt for entry into a quilt show the miniature classification usually means a maximum of twenty four inches per side and maximum block size at four inches square. Always check show rules before beginning construction. A miniature quilt can be just a small quilt that pleases you!


Mini Quilts
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Deborah Harding author of American’s Glorious Quilts states, “Antique doll quilts are among the most collectible textiles today. One may pay more for a doll quilt in good condition than for a full-size quilt of the same pattern and date.” In the past, many doll (miniature) quilts were made by young girls as they learned necessary sewing skills. It is a joy to discover one of these little treasures and often these quilts bring childhood memories to mind. It is pleasing to use these ‘bearers of good thoughts’ as decorative items in my home. Why not miniature quilts?
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